Friday, April 16, 2010

乱……好乱…… It's a mess~ totally a mess~

原来,人生本身就是一场闹剧。全部的事物都在这个偌大的世界里堆成一团, 不管你怎么去把它条理分清,它都会在下一秒便会一团糟……
Somehow, i got this feeling of our world we were living in, is a huge pile of junk, a mess. No matter how hard you try to tidy it up, it will return to it's previous stage, a mess in just a mere second......
And, slowly, the world will sink you in until the last light leave your vision for eternity.
I can't stop but thinking, although we were living in a fairly messy world. But yet, it had it's beautiful side to show to us. Yet, the only problem is. The beautiful moment always comes at the very end of our time......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

又来~无聊之作~ Some more boring shoot~

很热的下午~ 上星期啦~ 呵呵呵呵~ 
很无聊的在工厂附近的咖啡店吃午餐, 然后就看到了这一小片的花丛~ 就无聊的拿起相机来拍了。(不过等这只蝴蝶停下来还是需要点耐性~呵呵呵呵~)

It's a hot afternoon...... last week to be exec~ hehe~ was eating lunch in a coffee shop near the factory where i spotted this little patch of flowers. So the camera followed~ ^^,(but it does took some passion to wait for the butterfly to land on the flower)  
又是蝴蝶~ 哈哈~ 没有用macro 的哦~ 普通 Zoom 而已~
more butterfly~ taken this with normal zoom lens only o~ no macro, hoho~ 
 好了~ 有点困了,接下来我会慢慢的放上,上星期天去槟城-香料公园的照片, 各位晚安~ 呵~~~~~
wish you all a good night sleep ^^~ will be showing photos on my trip to spice garden last sunday soon~ GOOD NIGHT~

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

好像好久没有上贴了~ It has been really a long time......

Was a bit lazy lately~

很多事情要做, 车,拍照,老婆,工作……
Lot's of things to take care of, my car. taking photos, my wife, works......

幸好我没有不良嗜好, 要不然满屋都是烟蒂和酒瓶了~
It's a good thing i haven addicted to either smoke or alcohol,or else the whole house would be flooded with them~ *_*
走出屋外~ 看看大自然, 看看他们无怨无悔的为这个世界付出。
Looking outside the house, and see how the nature were contributing to this world without even asking anything for return.
到最后…… 我们还是这个世界不到一秒钟的过客。只留下伤害地球的疤痕……
In the end...... we were just a visitors who stay in this world for a mere one second. Leaving nothing but scar on the surface of the earth......

think back again......

Saturday, March 06, 2010

忙忙忙~ 不是工作忙~ Busy~Busy~Busy~ But not work~ :P

刚刚过年就很多东西要办~ 光芒果(我的车车)就有够我忙得了~ 过年的照片还在整理中~ 献上一些我无聊时拍的, 这几张是用我的20mm F1.7 倒反装在GH1上拍到的 =>>> 超近焦!!!请慢慢欣赏~
Been busy since after CNY, a lot of my photos still in process and not really re-size+watermark yet, so i upload some shot i took using the 20mm F1,7 pancake on GH1 in reverse~ and the effect???
SUPER CLOSE-UP~ hohoho~ Enjoy~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

新年快乐~ 新春愉快~ Happy CNY 2010~

 恭喜恭喜~ 恭祝大家新春愉快。
昨天才从吉隆坡岳父母家回来。又刚刚把我的‘大黑’动完大手术。从较旧的双亥心处理器完全升级到四亥心处理器,然而主机板和主存也得换掉了……口袋又大破洞咯。不过为了满足‘恐怖’的高清影片处理需求,还是得出这个钱 哀~ 还有好多的照片要处理……有点不舒服了。还是休息先吧,多几天没那么懒了才上照片。哈哈哈~ 在此再恭祝大家新年快乐。
Happy CNY everyone, just come back from in law's place in KL+shopping trip. and my pc just went through major upgrade from 2 core to 4 core system now to accommodate the extreme need for HD  video editing.But still, i'm still in lazy mood :P will upload more photos once i walk out from the lazy mode in few days~ .Have a prosperity year a head of us in the tiger year~cheers~